Bullied at school and abused at home, 11 year Andy is a misfit growing up in 80’s suburbia. After an outsider comic book author, Geoff Sprite, visits his school, Andy builds the courage to run away from home and sets off on an interstate adventure in the hope of finding Geoff and living with him. His world is opened up as he encounters charismatically scary bus- drivers, possessive junkies and a beautiful girl. Andy’s imagination brings his surroundings to animated life as he seeks human acceptance on his quest which takes him through airports, rail yard ghettos and a morgue. Finally, Andy finds his hero who provides him with the tools to return to his daily life and cope with life’s challenges.
Written by Andrew Robartson, written and directed by Nathan Dalton. Seeking producing partners. Contact nathan@raygunfilm.com for script and pitch materials.


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